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Culinary Delights and Social Gatherings

At the heart of our community lies a commitment to delivering not just nourishment, but a complete dining experience that fosters connections and contentment among our residents. With a focus on delectable and healthful main courses, indulgent desserts, and a range of beverages including coffee, tea, and snacks for between meal cravings, you'll discover satisfying meals and delightful companionship at Prema at Ashton Hills.

Daily Rotating Menu's and All Day Dining Menu

Our menu changes daily and is developed based on the seasonal ingredients available throughout the year. We offer two options for all residents in our community. First a set menu that changes daily and covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, see example of the daily menu in the image at the bottom of this page. Second, we offer an all day dinning menu which allows residents to order food and snacks between meals or find local favorites that they may want for breakfast, lunch or dinner in place of the set menu for the day. Having the daily set menu and the all day dinning menu allows for greater variety of meal options and empowers residents to have choice in their daily dinning.

Dinning with Weekly Resident Feedback Meetings

All meals will feature the finest, freshly sourced ingredients. Our menus are tailor-made for for our resident, incorporating their menu preferences, treasured recipes, and invaluable feedback.

Our residents have a weekly meeting with Prema's Food Service Director to discuss their feedback on the food served during the week, what they liked, what they didn't like and what they would like to see on the menu in the future. These meetings empower all residents to live a resident directly lifestyle while living in their new home.

Nutrition-Packed Meals Designed with a Nutritionist

Our daily set menu's are designed and reviewed in conjunction with a licensed nutritionist to ensure the daily nutritional needs of all of our residents, regardless of their health needs, are met. This includes specially designed meals to cater to those residents with diabetes and to support adaptive dining needs and more.

Inviting Ambiance

While the gastronomic creations take center stage, the dining environment deserves equal acclaim. Our dining spaces exude the warmth of a private home, characterized by abundant natural light and an embracing aura. Additionally, our community provides the option to reserve private dining areas for familial celebrations, holidays, and cherished moments with loved ones.

Attentive Care

Our team remains at our resident's disposal 24/7, not only for emergency response but also as dedicated companions during their meals. Questions find prompt solutions, concerns are met with understanding, and mealtime experiences are enriched by their exemplary service. With their reassuring presence, residents can savor their meals with tranquility, assured of an enjoyable dining experience.

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