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Respite and Short-Term Care in Covington, Georgia

Refreshing Respite Care at Prema at Ashton Hills, Covington, Georgia

Prema at Ashton Hills extends a supportive hand to older adults and families in Covington, Georgia, seeking short-term care through our respite care program. Tailored to provide solace and support, this service grants respite to family caregivers, affording them the freedom to address pressing matters, travel, or simply take a break. Amidst their time away, they can rest assured that their cherished family member is receiving attentive care.

Compassionate Care, Temporary Relief

Respite care offers a bridge to our compassionate family caregivers, ensuring the well-being of their loved one during their absence. This respite becomes not just a pause for caregivers but also an opportunity for individuals to experience our community firsthand.

A Window into Community Life

Our respite care isn't solely for caregivers; it’s a chance the caregivers loved one to engage, socialize, and immerse themselves in the vibrant life at Prema at Ashton Hills. It's an avenue for prospective residents to get a taste of what we offer before making a commitment.

A Home Away From Home

Irrespective of the duration, our respite care guests relish the same community amenities as full-time residents. The enriching environment of Prema at Ashton Hills welcomes them with open arms. This service is available for a daily fee, contingent on apartment availability. To ensure your stay, reservations are essential. We're brimming with enthusiasm for this service, confident in its potential to positively impact the Covington, Georgia, community.

Allow us to be your respite and provide a nurturing embrace for your loved ones. Contact us to discuss and plan your intended stay, and experience the warmth of Prema at Ashton Hills.

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